Flash Report on Results of First Half 2011


The Company and its entire board guarantee the announced information does not contain any false record, misleading statement or significant omission and are willing to bear joint responsibility for the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the information announced. The 2011 first half financial data contained in the following report are preliminary accounting by the financial division of the Company, not having been audited by CPAs?. Final data are subject to release in the 2011 Interim Report. Investors are kindly reminded of any possible risks thus concerned. I. Key financial figures and indicators (in 10,000 yuan) Item Jan to Jun., 2011 Jan to Jun., 2010 Growth year on year % Operating income 115,941.42 80,987.66 43.16 Operating profit 1,302.52 -338.42 484.88 Total profit  1,326.73 283.49 367.99 Net profit attributable to listed company?s shareholders 1,004.21 275.02 265.14 Basic EPS (yuan/share) 0.05 0.01 265.14 Weighted average earning ratio on net assets (%) 2.49 0.72 1.77 Item End of report period End of prior year period Growth over prior year period end % Total assets 120,701.97 122,841.58 -1.74 Net asset attributable to listed company?s shareholders 40,688.92 39,964.75 1.81 Net asset per share attributable to listed company?s shareholders (yuan/share) 2.02 1.99 1.81 II. Reasons of performance growth 1.Growth is seen in foreign trade sector against prior year; 2.New businesses explored: income gained from new business of investment in steel trade enterprise; 3.Big growth seen in sales profit from subsidiaries. III. Documents available Flash Report of Results of First Half 2011 bearing signatures of the Company?s legal representative, responsible person in charge of accounting and accounting chief Investors are kindly reminded of making careful decisions or possible investment risks.