Shanghai Sanmao Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter refers to Shanghai Sanmao) was founded in September 1993. She is reunited from the original Shanghai No.3 Wool Textile Factory, is invested and held by Shanghai Textile Holding Group Corporation and established by social collected funds. She is also the first joint stock company who issued both A and B shares in Chinese Textile Industry. The registered capital of Shanghai Sanmao is RMB 200 million and the total assets are 800 million. In 2007, she gained annual sales incomes amounting to RMB 1.6 billion, with the import & export sales reaching USD 165 million, and gross profits RMB 118 million. Shanghai Sanmao owns 16 holding companies and 4 branches. These companies mainly deal with import & export trade, real estate investment, modern estate management, development and management of real estates, sale of wool textile and relevant products and services in network information technology, etc.

In June 2006, state shares of Shanghai Sanmao were transferred to Chongqing Light Industry Holding (Group) Co., Ltd., who now owns 25.95% of the company’s shares for Shanghai Sanmao’s largest shareholder. Through uniting the East and the West and industry revolution, Shanghai Sanmao has commenced a new round of fast growing process. In accordance with the development strategy and overall orientation, Shanghai Sanmao will mainly develop the import & export trade and modern estate management in Shanghai and emphasize developing new type manufacturing or other pillar industry in Chongqing and other regions.

This year 2008 is a crucial year for company strategy transformation and developing new capital investment. Based on our company’s high commercial reputation and marketing sharing, full and accurate developing resources and long-term business philology, our company welcomes the people in all circles to joint us for cooperation and development together.